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Learn Stage offers a suite of more than one hundred accredited online courses, using state-of-the-art Learning Management, and Student Information Management Systems.

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90% of students see their course through to completion.


9/10 users reported better learning outcomes.

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Our Core Features

Student-Centered Curriculum

Our curriculum features rigor and course activities that prepare all students to succeed and thrive.

Targeted Intervention

Excel’s digital courseware addresses gaps in learning with adaptive lessons that provide a path to proficiency for each student and prepare them for success.

Accredited Online School

Excel schools can address teacher shortages, expand catalog offerings, and offer programs for middle school, high school, college courses, and summer school.

Just In Time

Get access to over 100 accredited online courses today. Excel offers ease of adoption to help your students get online fast.

Transform Your Life Through Education

LearnStage is a cloud-based Student Information Management (SIS), Learning Management System (LMS), and digital course suite designed to help schools and districts deliver accredited online courses, manage all aspects of student information systems, course delivery, reporting, and data, and support online tutoring.



“My experience with Excel was fantastic! I loved my online school experience! I was able to finish high school,  while I was at working full-time.”


Excel Student

“I would most definitely recommend it Excel Education Systems.  Excel offers programs for students seeking to continue their education and pursue their dreams. There are no words to express how great of an experience it was to be a part of this school.”

Kesi Malika

Excel Student

“My experience with Excel was great. The writing assignments were challenging, and the courses were very challenging at times. Subject explanations by the teachers were great, and I’ve reached my goal. You must have a dream and then work hard to achieve that dream! Thank Excel High School for everything. God bless you.”


Excel Student

“For many years I tried to finish High School on my own, on so many different platforms and would end up frustrated and dropping out. With Excel, I found the platform was easy to use and the courses were interesting. I am so happy to have finally completed my High School Diploma. Thank you, Excel.”


Excel student

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